Environmental Practice

Bringing Environmental Solutions to Business

For over 20 years, Hamrick & Evans, LLP has represented companies and individuals in connection with environmental litigation, cleanup, administrative and regulatory matters. Representative clients have included dry cleaners, distributors of dry cleaning supplies, landowners, metal plating shops, printing companies, gas stations, auto repair shops, farmers, lumber processors and a multitude of other businesses. The firm works closely with its clients, their insurance carriers and technical consultants to investigate, remediate and defend against allegations of environmental contamination and administrative orders with the goal of achieving resolution through the most efficient means available. Although environmental lawsuits and administrative cleanup orders can be frightening realities for businesses and individuals, the lawyers at Hamrick & Evans, LLP possess the knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the insurance, regulatory and legal hurdles necessary to bring these often complicated matters to successful resolution.

Environmental Litigation
Lawsuits arising under CERCLA, RCRA, state environmental statutes, nuisance claims and even toxic tort claims are typical when representing defendants such as business owners, tenants, and property owners whose operations have allegedly resulted in environmental contamination. Hamrick & Evans, LLP represents and defends its clients through all phases of environmental litigation including the related insurance coverage disputes which often arise.

Environmental Regulatory Defense
Many environmental contamination claims do not involve actual litigation, but rather administrative orders received from regulatory agencies such as the Department of Toxic Substances Control, the Regional Water Quality Control Board, or the Fire Department. The lawyers at Hamrick & Evans, LLP are adept at negotiating directly with these regulatory agencies, responding to their demands, and working with a team of professional environmental consultants to develop cost-effective investigation and remediation plans to resolve the liability allegations against their clients.

Environmental Insurance Coverage
When faced with environmental litigation or administrative orders, it is of utmost importance for businesses and individuals to access any and all available insurance coverage. The lawyers at Hamrick & Evans, LLP have decades of experience in securing insurance coverage for their clients, and are often able to access insurance resources which the client did not even know existed. Coupled with its vast experience in insurance coverage and coverage-related litigation, the firm is uniquely qualified to assist its clients in securing the insurance coverage that is typically necessary to defend against environmental contamination claims.